November 03, 2008

All's end, is an end well end

And All wasn't well.
Then one day, All died.
Nobody wept for him.


  1. Nobody wept for him.
    Disowned even by his family, as he lay dying a slow, painful death in the Operation Theatre.
    I told him sex-change was a bad idea.

  2. I think she spoke for All.

    Ee, you don't know Nobody!
    I know Nobody, and Everybody Nobody knows.

    You're wrong about Nobody, 'cause it can't be that Nobody is a woman, just like Everybody can't be a woman.
    Then we all know that being a woman isn't easy (cooking's tough), so Anybody doesn't get to be a woman (sex-change or otherwise) leading us to believe that Somebody has to be a woman - sex-change or otherwise!!

    THAT was satisfying....