November 08, 2008

Black and White and Bled all over

But she's come this far and to quote another governor, she will be back.
I meant 'black'.
There really are no limits to what plastic surgery can achieve these days.

Oi! Stop Giving me ugly starting lines!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Yay, two and fro finally makes its opinions about over hyped elections be known.

    P.S-Except when she starts talking nonsense wasn't the best starting line in the world really :P


  3. too-shay! But let's have cool endings!

    PS: Wow. The authors have a discussion on the comments section. Does anybody else even visit? Oh yes, Naughty, naughty kaushik did, and tried to cover up his tracks. Too bad Blogger is too smart.

    PPS: Is it acceptable to have a PS longer than the message?

    PPPS: And a PPS as long

    PPPPS: ah!

  4. Alrighty doodle doo.

    This blog ... has a life of it's own... it makes us grow, and spreads itself to finder newer modes of expression and we must extend it all the support we can, yet it will always surpass us. Summarising, the blog is alive, alive enough :P